This is a family business, run by Wal and May Smallwood in association with their son, Damien, who now runs ARFA (Automotive Restraint Fitters Australia).

May and Wal opened their ABC for Mummy & Me shop in Sydney in the mid 1980's.

They then expanded and opened a Baby Capsule fitting station at the request of the NRMA.

The business hired Baby capsules and of course, fitted them as well, for thousands of happy parents and their children.

Due to customer demand they then expanded their business, supplying custom designed and manufactured parts to the Restraint fitting Industry.

The company they founded, Automotive Restraint Fitters Australia, is now a leading supplier of components to the restraint fitting Industry.

...Meanwhile Wal and May are very active in performing ongoing research† & development.

They do custom installations on request, by appointment.

Wal & May Smallwood (with their Grandchildren's friend)

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