"Instructions for shortening the upper restraint strap on Baby Capsule".

Step 1.

First loop the webbing as shown and push through one side of the A.R.F.A. #30GN Gated Buckle. Note: webbing must always be over the bar - not under.

Step 2,

Pull the double webbing through, allowing sufficient, as shown, to complete the procedure.

Step 3.

Pinch the 'double webbing" together as shown.

Step 4.

Now push the doubled web through the gate.

Step 5. Both sides shown pushed equally, through the gate.

Step 6.

Push both sides down until flat against the centre, bar.

Step 7.
Take the excess and loop one side and then through the other.

Step 8.
This phot shows the webbing flat behind the gate with both arms clearly visible.

Step 9.
Now pull the main webbing back to tighten... make sure the webbing stays flat and does not come out between the gate.

Step 10.
The webbing is now ready for use. If fitted to the Capsule make sure the Buckle is as close to the Boss on either side as possible i.e. the front of the Capsule Base, not the Snap Hook end.

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