Converting a Lap/Sash Belt to a Lap Belt using a Gated Buckle (also known as "Locking Clip")

Step 1

"static Lap/Sash Seat belt" showing how to install A.R.F.A. #30GN Gated Buckle. Bring down the sash to the lap part of the Seat Belt. A Gated Buckle must be used with Lap/Sash Seat belts which have a buckle tongue that slides freely along the Belt.

Step 2.

"Sash on way to Lap Belt"

Always fit the Child Restraint or Child in the harness with the tongue into the Female Buckle first. Putting the sash and lap together at the correct length, then holding both as low to the seat or below as possible, in the correct position to fit the Gated Buckle. Web pinched into buckle as shown.

Step 3.
Sash almost to lap, showing gated Buckle with web through.

Step 4.
Sash in position pinched into the Gated Buckle, ready to go over the Bar (not under) as per wording on the top of our Gated Buckle #30GN.

Step 5.
Pinch on both the Sash and the Lap webbing together and pass into the final gate.

Step 6.
Pull both the Sash and the Lap webbing together evenly. Put the tongue into the female Buckle, if too short undo the tongue and lengthen webbing or or too long shorten by sliding sash web through the top of the buckle and re-adjust the Seat Belt adjuster.

Step 7.
Static lap/Sash seat belt showing K12 tongue, Gated Buckle #30GN fitted and SeatBelt adjuster under arrow.

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